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Lose Weight with a Proven System - Then Create Your Own Custom Program with Our Help!

Do you want to lose weight with hypnosis while improving your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being - AND help others do the same?

Our 6 Month Reprogram Your Weight for Hypnotists Program is just for you!

Hypnosis for Weight Loss + Weight Loss Program Mentorship

Limited openings available!

Help Yourself & Your Clients Lose Weight with the Power of Hypnosis!


Designed especially for

hypnotists, life coaches, and healers

who are ready to :

  • lose weight with hypnosis,
  • learn the Reprogram Your Weight system for lasting weight loss without the struggle,
  • get expert support customizing and launching a weight loss program for your own hypnosis practice! 



for you  👉  Hypnosis for Weight Loss  +

Weight Loss Program Mentorship  👈  for your practice 

About the 6 Month Program :

Step by step with us, you'll learn the specific, proven techniques and strategies behind the Reprogram Your Weight system of lasting weight loss without the struggle - and experience the results for yourself! 

Reprogram Your Weight for Hypnotists is a complete 6 month program that consists of 3 phases

First, we help you change your relationship with food and lose weight - and feel more fulfilled physically, emotionally, and spiritually - without thinking about food all the time! 

Then, we help you customize and develop your own weight loss program for your practice!  We work with you to launch your new program, support you as you work with you first weight loss clients, and help increase your income with your new weight loss program at the same time.


The first 2 months is all about you & helping you reach your weight loss goals! 

Your welcome package includes:

  • digital copies of the books Reprogram Your Weight and Lighter
  • plus immediate access to the Reprogram Your Weight video training to guide you through the foundations,
  • the updated Reprogram Your Weight Playbook,
  • and hypnotic tools to support your weight loss.

This means you can get started the day you sign up and start seeing results ahead of your private hypnosis sessions!

Phase I includes 3 powerful private hypnosis sessions where we'll address both the emotional roots behind this issue, as well as the habitual components.  Then, in our private group, you get further ongoing support to integrate the changes for lasting weight loss.

The second 2 months is all about noticing what worked for you & leveraging your results for your clients!

We help you notice the most effective strategies for you, and from there, you'll start customizing your own hypnosis weight loss program grounded in the Reprogram Your Weight framework.

The Reprogram Your Weight system has helped hundreds of people lose weight and start a new relationship with food - with our help, this is your chance to make make it your own - for the benefit of your clients, and your practice!

The last 2 months is all about helping you talk about what you do & work with your weight loss clients! 

When we've helped you develop your own weight loss program, it's time to launch it with our support as you start working with clients.

Get expert support with talking about what you do and promoting your services with compelling marketing.  Plus, expert guidance as you move into hypnosis sessions with the first weight loss clients in your new program!


Why is this program in 3 phases?

From our experience training hypnosis students and mentoring established hypnotists, we've noticed that many want to have success first before working with clients.  So we want you to have success first in Phase I.

After that, we know the best way to master something is to teach it.  So next, you'll notice what worked for you and begin teaching it privately or in group in Phase II.  

In Phase III, you will create your custom hypnosis weight loss program with our help. You don't have to start from scratch - once you have results, now we want to help you duplicate them and help more people.

For some hypnotists, that will be great. However, if you want to go the extra step and get certified in Reprogram Your Weight, we know that is the right step for some too.

By resolving the emotional root factors and effectively managing the day-to-day aspects of weight loss, Reprogram Your Weight has helped hundreds of emotional eaters lose weight without the struggle.

You'll experience the Reprogram Your Weight system first as a client with 3 private 1:1 hypnosis sessions.  With powerful, individualized, insight-based hypnosis, you'll change your relationship with food, start losing weight, and importantly, meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs at a deeper level. 

After the private sessions, you get the support you need in integrating the changes into your life for lasting weight loss in a supportive, loving group!





Meet Your Guide :

Erika Flint, BCH, MCPHI, OB

I'm offering this program because I want to help more people lose weight with hypnosis. This is my dream, and my mission. I can't do it without your help!  It's important to me that everyone in this program is dedicated to helping others lose weight, and helping you is the first step!

This program was initially offered only for my graduates - and if you've trained with me, you know what it's like to join me in my training. You always get more than what is outlined. Expect to be thrilled with your results, what you learn, and especially by what you will know how to apply at the end of this program. 

Let's help more people with the power of hypnosis!


My Why :

I can’t do this alone – I need your help. The RYW system works extremely well for our ideal clients, but I can only help so many clients in a single month.

I want to help you personally, and help you get great results for your clients with the same program that works for me and my practice. 

During our 6 months together, you will change your relationship with food, feel better about helping your clients, and make more money and grow your business. Once you join you become part of the solution - for yourself and for your clients!

What you'll get :

  • Access to the Reprogram Your Weight video training (for clients)
  • Access to the Reprogram Your Weight Master Training for Hypnotists
  • Digital copies of Reprogram Your Weight and Lighter by Erika Flint
  • The new, updated Reprogram Your Weight Playbook + hypnotic resources
  • 3 private hypnosis sessions with Erika Flint
  • Ongoing support in a private group to help integrate the changes you've made
  • Expert guidance on developing and customizing your own hypnosis weight loss program based on the Reprogram Your Weight system for lasting weight loss without the struggle
  • Expert support launching your new program and working with your first weight loss clients!

Why is this 6 Month Program a "Win-Win"?

Benefits for You

You get the help you want and support you need with losing weight.  You start building a new relationship with food from day 1, and start meeting your needs at a deeper level.

With our help, you develop and launch your own hypnosis weight loss program for your practice, where your clients will arrive for sessions already having made positive changes. They already understand the basics of how to lose weight with hypnosis, so your job is easier.

You can focus on the hypnosis aspect of the work, and allow the Reprogram Your Weight system to take care of the common aspects of day-to-day weight loss that most clients experience.

Make additional income and build your hypnosis practice with your new weight loss program that is rooted in your own experience and success!

Benefits for Your Clients

With your customized weight loss program, clients can get started the very day they sign up with you - which means they can start making positive changes and losing weight right away.

Most weight loss clients are greatly helped with the hypnosis sessions, but because weight loss is complex, they also benefit from the additional support of the Reprogram Your Weight system.

Your clients can learn the strategies and concepts of the Reprogram Your Weight system before you even start working with them privately.  They're primed for the deeper hypnosis work with you.

Reprogram Your Weight is not just about helping your clients change their relationship with food - it's about helping them feel more fulfilled physically, emotionally AND spiritually.

Includes the Reprogram Your Weight Master Training for Hypnotists!

Overview and Client Success 

  • Overview of the Reprogram Your Weight System

  • The Reprogram Your Weight Framework, including spiritual components to weight loss

  • Initial Consultation & How to Sell RYW - objections, ideal clients, and approach

  • Setting clients up for success : external data, homework, pre-work, and other session related details

  • In the minds of our clients - basics of the brain and neuroscience, eating, and behavior as it applies to hypnosis and our clients spirituality.

  • Mindset of the RYW Hypnotist


Who this program is for:

Professional hypnotists, life coaches, and healers who want to help themselves and grow their practice with soulful weight loss encompassing physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. 


  • A servant's heart and a drive to help yourself and your clients at a deeper level.
  • You do not need to be a certified professional hypnotist with knowledge and practical experience utilizing advanced hypnotic approaches including age regression, forgiveness therapies, and parts mediation - but it is helpful.  (We offer professional certification training if you are not a professional hypnotist and want to become certified!)

  • Read both books : Reprogram Your Weight, and Lighter - these books will be provided as PDF documents as part of the program (Phase I). (Or you can purchase via kindle, or paperback online beforehand).


What Other Hypnotists Are Saying


Erika Flint’s Reprogram Your Weight system is brilliant! Clients walk out with something concrete to do the minute they sign up, and by the time they come to their first hypnosis session pretty much all of them have already started to lose weight! Erika’s system is simple and effective. Helping clients with weight loss can feel like a long drawn out slog. The RYW system gives you a solid framework and solid tools. I love the expressions when I first tell my clients “Eat when you’re hungry!” No weighing, journaling, calorie or point counting. No deprivation. You eat when you’re hungry. And my clients say they really like Erika’s books, Reprogram Your Weight and Lighter. It’s a good investment for any hypnotist planning on weight loss clients.

Kathie Hardy, RN MS MBA CH

Salish Sea Hypnosis

Kathie Hardy, RN MS MBA CH

Salish Sea Hypnosis



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What Other Hypnotists Are Saying

Donna M. Bloom,  Board Certified Hypnotist, Advanced 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotist, BWRT® Practitioner, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner, Meditation Instructor and Life Coach.  Donna achieved her professional certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists and Banyan Hypnosis Center for Training & Services, Inc.   She is also a presenter at the National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts.



Casey Radumus, 5-PATH® Certified Hypnotist, Transformational Coach


Shannon Wallace, Registered Hypnotherapist in Washington State and Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists.



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